November 29, 2020

How To Live w/ a Bipolar Loved One

Last week, I touched on the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian situation. Kanye had a public episode exposing family secrets between himself and Kim. Or he lied. Who knows and it doesn’t matter, right? Afterwards, Kim Kardashian wrote a lengthy statement on social media asking for “compassion and empathy” for her family and touching on her husband’s mental health issues, including his bipolar disorder. She also mentioned how hard the disorder is to understand.

And, she is so so so right. If you have lived with someone with bipolar, addicted to drugs, or something similar, you know the pain Kanye is going through and the pain his actions are causing his family.

I asked Dr. Casey Delmara, founder of the Mental Health Hacker, to join me this week to talk about how to protect your own feelings when loving someone like to Kanye West.

Dr. Casey explains what bipolar disorder is, but more importantly how to handle the episodes many of them have. Believe me, I know how hard it is! Been there and done that with my mother. They can start behaving so badly that you want to just drop kick them! I know you would never do that! I wouldn’t either! But it doesn’t take the urge away. It’s sad and unfortunate.

I wish this disorder didn’t exist. If I had any enemies, I wouldn’t wish Bipolar on my worst one!

Dr. Delmara will help you understand that your loved one who suffers from the disorder doesn’t do what they do to hurt you. I think we all need that constant reminder because it can certainly feel like they do.

She helped me to look at the situation with more compassion. I know she can help you too.

Even if you have heard the advice before it’s good to keep reminding yourself. Reminders help you to protect your own happiness. Protecting your happiness will also help to keep some peace in your home. The entire episode is only 24 minutes. Listen to it.

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