About April

Designer / Developer

Well …Here We Go! Most days I get up and say to myself, “April, be a light to those around you.” And, then by 3:30pm I just don’t give a shit anymore. I’m just kidding I always give a shit! But that’s probably not the time of day to test me. I spent most of 20’s and 30’s working in television news as a reporter and anchor. While doing that I learned to relate to all walks of life! I spent my early 20’s covering drug cartel wars in Mexico. I once interviewed an 18 year-old Mara Salvatrucha gang member who forced a man to watch as he raped his daughter and wife before burning their bodies. Yuck! I know! Thankfully, in my 30’s I got my own morning show and was able to lighten things up! While hosting that, I met celebrities like Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Vivica Fox (love her) to Daymond John from Shark Tank. There are many more but I had the most fun with them! I got burned out waking up at 1am everyday and working very long hours in the news business. I decided to leave and move to Colorado where I didn’t know anyone. I immediately opened a fitness studio. Working out has always been and still remains my best medicine. I created the most amazing community of women doing that. Many of us still remain close friends. I closed a couple of years ago. I miss seeing hearing how their days have been and their stories everyday. I thrive off of hearing stories and telling stories! My hope is you’re able to find your people through me and listening to this podcast. Join my private Facebook group. Let’s start connecting. Oh! And, I love drinking wine too. Cheers!

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