3 Women Bond Over Husbands Accepting They’re Transgender

Three ladies named Dr. Alyssa, Nikki and Heidi share a unique bond of finding out their husbands are transgender women. They’re sharing their journey with April Norris of finding their bright lights of friendship during their darkest days.

Yep, like a Caitlyn Jenner situation! As you’re listening … April truly hopes you will find some sort of energy to keep going in whatever trauma you’re dealing with.

Hearing their stories of being able to move forward (albeit they still have their struggles) from this major life blow that doesn’t only involve them, but their family, friends and children. They all raise children together.

All three have boys and the boys all have new mommy’s.

Hear how they met their then husbands, how they came out to their families and how everyone is doing today.

Dr. Alyssa, Nikki and Heidi have their own podcast called Thanks, It’s The Trauma. You can find them on Apple podcasts, Instagram and on their website thanksitsthetrauma.com.

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Love, April Norris, Of Course They Make Me Crazy Podcast Host


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