Are You Walking On Egg Shells?

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  • June 19, 2020
  • Explicit Content

*Language not suitable for children*

Last time episode, we talked about our Grandpa who left his 6 kids and wife for his gay lover he met at a nudie beach.  The news set Mom, her siblings and our grandmother on a very unstable path.  It was a life changer for all of them. 

We spent so much time on Grandpa last episode that we wanted to come back and share stories about our Grams … who was not your typical grandma.

Not typical in that she worked in a factory, cracked dirty jokes, had a stash of playgirl magazines, rented porn on VHS tapes and didn’t cook, clean  or bake.

We thought she was the best Grams ever!

She was fun and very loving.   But, things took a little turn after she retired.  She fell into a slump.  Grams started to make those around her feel guilty when we couldn’t fulfill her needs.

Know anyone like that?

Remember the song? No one loves me, everybody hates me, I guess I’ll go eat worms and die.

Grams started to get that mentality for sure.

We share funny stories of her renting an apartment for “singles only” so she could find a man to her renting the movie, “When Harry Does Sally” instead of “When Harry Met Sally.” She would do all sorts of hysterical things like ask Amanda to iron her girdle.  Grams had to iron everything including her stretchy jeans. LOL. 

But, we also talk about the times Grams and Mom started to feed off of each other.  You know that old saying – misery loves company.  Well, that was the two of them.  They slept all day.  When they weren’t sleeping, they were smoking and swapping pills.  They became a mess for our family to deal with.  

How do you handle two bad eggs who happen to be the matriarch’s of the family?  It wasn’t easy.  But, we got through it without any blood shed.  

It was a lot of walking on egg shells though.  Sound familiar?   

Walking on egg shells gets old, doesn’t it?  Especially when you’re the one not doing anything wrong!


You can’t change them, but you CAN change you.  

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