Dad Deals with 8 year-old Threatening Suicide

Hey Everyone!  Thank You for joining me on Of Course They Make Me Crazy!  I’m the host, April Norris.

Joining me for this episode is Warren.  He recently started co-hosting a podcast with his friend Graham called The Flawed Dads Guide To Parenting.  

The two of them talk about their struggles of raising their children. Two men trying not to play it cool! So, refreshing, right?

They discuss parenting topics and the idea that none of us are perfect parents, but we can always be better ones.

Warren started the podcast as a response to one of his daughters suffering from the desire to commit suicide and how he was struggling as a parent to reconcile how to deal with the situation.

He and Graham believe recognizing that no parent, including themselves is perfect and that is the first step to improvement.

Whether you’re a dad or mom… you should listen to listen to this… for your own peace of mind!

Warren’s daughter is only 8 years-old having suicidal thoughts. There have been other 8 year-old children in the U.S. that have gone through with the threat!

It’s scary to think about, but with all the technology at their fingertips, this topic is something none of us can ignore!

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