Dealing With Family Secrets

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  • June 2, 2020
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*Language not suitable for children*

Last week, we shared that we grew up with a Mom who suffered from Bipolar Disorder. In the 80’s when we were growing up, mental illness wasn’t discussed.  

Thankfully times have changed. More of you feel comfortable saying you suffer from a mental illness. And, many of you living with them can openly talk about your struggles too. 

It’s no longer a deep dark secret. Or, it doesn’t have to be.  Please, talk about it with someone.

This week, we’re discussing one of the two freaky deaky people responsible for bringing our Mom into this world – our Grandfather.

Speaking of secrets, Mom had to keep a deep dark one for a long time.  If she revealed it, it would tear her family apart.

When she was a high school freshman, she came home to find her father in bed with one of her male classmates. In the same bed he shared with our grandma and created six kids in.  Yes, the kid was underage.

Her father asked her no to tell anyone, so she didn’t. At least, not right away.  

Some time after that, he left the family for his lover that he met at a nudist beach.  He met Jack, while vacationing with the family. Yes, our grandfather took his family to a nudie beach for vacation. WTF! Who does that?

As you can imagine, there’s so much more packed into this podcast! What did our grandma do?  She was left to raise six kids on her own. 

You would think that would have been a time that our Mom would have started popping pills. There was a total shit storm circling around her.  Her family was torn apart. She was at a vulnerable age.  She became pregnant with me (April) and had to drop out of high school.  My father became abusive to her. They were teenagers. 

(Amanda and I have different dads.) 

But, she didn’t break. 

GOD – THE UNIVERSE – whatever you call it gives you super powers when you need it most!  

That is when she found her strength.  What are you doing to find your strength?  If she could do it, so can you. 

Whenever I think I’m down and out, I think of Mom during that time.  She didn’t have any money, a high school education  or support. Everyone else was dealing with the own messes. But, she was able to weather that shit storm.    

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