Growing Up With A Bipolar Mother

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I have been popping on this new app called ClubHouse!  It’s totally addicting.  If you love podcasts and breathing new light into your soul, constantly learning new things, and connecting with people from around the world then you should be on it with me!

If you’re interested, email me. I will make sure to invite you onto it. As of now, it’s invite only and you must have an iphone.

Clubhouse is like several live radio shows or podcasts going on all at once. You scroll through and find the topic that interests you and then click into a room that interests you most.

I mention this because that is where I met Dalia Deleon my guest for this episode. 

Dalia and I clicked into a room of networking women.  I explained that I have a podcast for those who love and live with someone who has a mental illness.  We connected because she also has a mother who was bipolar. 

Dalia’s mom was a bit different than mine.

Both of our mother’s had the bipolar disorder. Mine was addicted to pain pills and very loving to us kids even though she experienced severe physical abuse from my biological father who we escaped from.

Dalia’s mom was not addicted to pills. She says her mom’s bipolar sickness came through in the way that she had this persona of being a wonderfully nice person at work or in the community and then came home as an angry abusive person. Dalia says her biological father went to prison for trying to kill her mother.  And, that her mom then became mentally and physically abusive to her and her siblings.

Together we talk about our experiences growing up in an unsettling environment and what we learned from it. 

Even though this is a tough topic, we also laugh about several things. 

We hope our stories will help you smile and get through anything you might be working on too.

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Growing Up With A Bipolar Mother

  • Growing Up With A Bipolar Mother

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