How To Heal From Narcissist Abuse

  • 9:39
  • September 14, 2020
  • Explicit Content

If you’re listening this episode, chances are you’re trying to heal after being in a relationship with a narcissist. 

It’s gut wrenching. Our goal is to help you understand why they do the things they do and how to get on the path to healing and feeling like yourself again. Narcissists can sometimes rip strongest person apart. So, stop being mad at yourself!   

 Joy Larkin, April’s guest this week, is the founder of Live Narc Free.  She has been an online coach for narcissistic abuse since 2016.  

Larkin tells April when she was a teenager she had to move in with her aunt.  Living with her aunt was the first time she experienced a narcissist. She says, “It felt like I was being put on a pedestal then pulled off because I was not worthy of anything anymore.” 

Larkin calls what her aunt did the Love Bomb, Devalue and Discard move.  It’s what most narcissists do so they can continue to control you.  Once they discard, you’re left feeling lost and heartbroken. You’re left to feel like you did something wrong even though that’s not the case.  Then they’ll come back to you, put you on the pedestal again only to tear you off.  It’s a vicious cycle they put you through.   

It got so bad at Larkin’s house, she decided to leave.  With nowhere else to go, she had to live in her car for a month until she figured something else out.

We want this episode to show you, you can go through a really bad situation and still be happy and move on with your life. It might not feel like it right now, but you can!

 ***Both April Norris and Joy Larkin go through some of their own coping skills in hopes to help you move forward!***

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SIDE NOTE  – Some might feel that narcs are just people who thinking highly of themselves. There’s so much more to it.  The Mayo clinic calls it Nacissistic Personality Disorder.  They say it affects more males than females and it normally begins in early adulthood.

Although the cause of narcissistic personality disorder isn’t known, some researchers think that in biologically vulnerable children, parenting styles that are overprotective or neglectful may have an impact. Genetics and neurobiology also may play a role in development of narcissistic personality disorder.

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