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I’m April Norris. Thank you for joining me on the podcast Of Course, They Make Me Crazy!

Joining me is Dave Mowry. He lives with bipolar disorder. He’s been a businessman, a politician, a peer support specialist, and a millionaire who lost it all. He went from being homeless in 1997 for a year to now a best-selling author in 2021.

He’s also a comedian! 

His book is entitled OMG That’s Me! It blossomed from blog posts he wrote about him living with bipolar. He quickly gained a huge following.  Many of his fans would write him and say, “Omg that’s me you’re talking about!” That’s when he knew he had to write a book.  

His mission in life is to use humor to tell his story and shatter the stigma by making it comfortable to talk about the uncomfortable.

He’s my kind of man!

In this episode you will learn a new perspective about those who live with bipolar. If you’re having hard time caring for a loved one with bipolar, please listen to this.  I know you need to laugh.  And I know you’re hurting, and your stomach is in knots, and you feel it’s just not possible. But if Dave can find a little humor in all his pain, so can you.  Laughing or even a little smile does your heart and soul good.

Truthfully, I started to tear up listening to him talk because I know my bipolar mom who died 5 years ago would have loved his sick sense of humor. She and my grandma both had a twisted sense of humor which is where I get it from. LOL!

I hope you enjoy this episode.  Dave has comedy acts that he emailed to me. If you like what you hear today … just know I will be uploading more of his comedy in a couple of days.

Dave has collaborated with international bestselling author Julie Fast on OMG That’s Me! 2, and co-author of OMG That’s Me! 3. So there’s more to come! Julie Fast was the original consultant for actress Claire Danes and her TV series Homeland on Showtime.

You contact Dave by going to

🥰 A SIDE NOTE FROM APRIL – If you are caring for someone with a severe mental illness, April has put together a quick Sanity Saving Guide for you! It’s four pages filled with a few things that’s helped her through tough times. The link is on the home page! Or you can copy and paste the below link to get your Sanity Saving Tips!



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