Overcoming Autism!

  • 3:49
  • November 30, 2020
  • Explicit Content

Just a reminder … this podcast was created for those of us living and loving someone with an illness … whether it be mental or physical.  Caring for them can take toll on our own mental health… right?   

My goal is hoping someone else’s story will help you to feel not so alone and spark some peace in you.

That’s why I invited on Jolona Kinlaw, my new friend from Instagram. Yes!  You can really find nice people on there.  I’m on there.  Let’s be friends too!

Back to Jolona. She has a blog out justjoblog.com.  I asked her on because she has a 7 year-old son, Caden who has autism. He doesn’t speak and can’t do many things for himself yet even though he’s been working with specialists. He has a lot of meltdowns and kicks and screams. She has her work cut out for her many days.

Jolona’s blog is about overcoming autism, the struggles of having a child with autism and the everyday struggles of being a mom. And how she keeps her peace … or not sometimes!

Through a lot of prayer and asking God to help her find a way to cure Caden, a friend introduced her to controversial therapy. She’ll explain what that is too.

Would love to connect with you. Reach out by emailing me at ofcoursetheymakemecrazy@gmail.com.

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