Part 2 Growing Up With A Bipolar Mother

This is Part II of Growing Up with A Bipolar Mother. 

Dalia Deleon, my guest, shared her stories of growing up as little girl totally confused by her mother’s explosive and abusive behavior.

Dalia explained that her mom got really upset with Dalia’s decision to have a relationship with her biological father.  Why is that so bad?  Well, Dalia said her father physically abused her mother and that he went to prison for it.  She continued to explain when her father got out, he learned his wife was doing the same thing to the kids.

Dalia said her father tried to make things right by trying to get her and her siblings out of that situation. 

I left off by asking Dalia how that played out. That’s where Part 2 of the next episode picks up.

Even though this is a tough topic, we also laugh about several things which might seem weird to you. But not to us. You might agree with us when you listen.  

We hope our stories will help you smile and get through anything you might be working on too.

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  • Part 2 Growing Up With A Bipolar Mother

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