Spring Break with Naked Grandpa!

  • 2:33
  • November 17, 2020
  • Explicit Content

**Language Not Suitable For Children**

What do you think of that podcast title? Well, it is what it is!  Exactly!

The last couple of months, I really focused on teens and what to say and do when they’re having suicidal thoughts.    

This week I want to lighten it up and bring you back to my roots with some of my crazy family stories.  

In this episode, I’m taking you back as I reminisce when my former best friend and I decided to do spring break at my gay nudist grandpa’s house who was an alcoholic.  And, my then boyfriend at the time, Dan, decided to show up as a surprise and almost got shot by my short lil’ old shriveled up naked as a jay bird grandpa who was three sheets to the wind.

What are you going to get out of this episode by listening?  … just time to disconnect from your problems and laugh about someone else’s. You think your family has problems?  Well, They probably do!  The point is, you’re not alone in your frustrations with them.  If you can find something to laugh about in your situation …do it.  I promise you’ll be laughing and cringing through this entire episode! Disclaimer – Your jaw will hurt!  

How about this?  Does your grandpa’s boyfriend have a penis piercing?  Bet ya … you have never been ask that before! LOL. If you have … then we need to talk! And, if he did …would you know about it?  Probably not! But, I got to see that first hand.  Not a shining moment in my life. But a funny one now that its over!

Or, would your grandpa accuse you of trying to kill him because you didn’t put vodka is his morning orange juice?  Possibly!  If he was friends with my grandpa!  

Come on!  Put your headphones on and listen!  Make sure your children can’t hear this for obvious reasons.

If there is a moral to this story it’s that you’re not who you come from.  You are your own person. They have their story and you will create your own!

Would love to connect with you.  

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Love, April Norris Of Course .. The Make Me Crazy! Podcast Host.

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