What You Should Know About Teens & Suicidal Thoughts

  • 2:28
  • October 5, 2020
  • Explicit Content

This might surprise you or maybe not. Teen suicide rate is up 25% nationally.   That’s crazy scary!   The United Health Foundation came out with that stat. UHF ranks health among teens.   If you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, a teacher, mentor or even a babysitter…you should listen to this! Without a doubt … you’re going to look at the kids in your life differently.   You might not agree with what it said. Whether you do or don’t … let us know why!   By us … I mean myself and my guest Mike Donahue. Donahue, helped established a school program called Value Up in 2016. He goes into schools and talks about all issues concerning teens – drugs, anxiety, anger, loneliness, social media. More importantly he helps teens find value in themselves and the importance of it.   Donahue created Value UP with Craig Scott. Scott was a student at Columbine High School during the massacre in 1999. He was under a library table with two friends during the shooting …both killed. His sister Rachel was the first killed that day.   You might have already heard them speak. They have spoken to millions. Been keynotes for the American Association of School Administrators, The National Education Association and The National PTA Conference. They have done countless media interviews with Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America … and now thankfully with me, April Norris.   Donahue wrote a book titled, “Talking To Brick Walls.” Anyone that has ever tried to communicate with a teenager on drugs, alcohol, sex or bullying knows that it can be very difficult.   In his book, he shares secrets with you on how to get through to them. In a chapter he says, “Pain is a key ingredient to learning. And when we take that away we are hurting our children.”   Do you think we’re teaching kids how to be victims? I say, “Hell yes!” It’s not intentional, but it’s happening.   I have been wanting to do this podcast on this subject since I moved to Douglas County, Colorado. It’s an affluent area. The average household income is nearly 120K! That’s double the U.S. average! I was astounded by the teen suicides happening in this area.   From an outsider who moved here from Memphis, Tennessee where the child poverty rate is nearly 45 percent it seemed totally weird. The kids in Memphis are seeing their friends and family get shot in drive by shootings. It seems they have a shit ton more to worry about and suicide is not as rampant there.   My thought was what’s with the kids here? What’s going on in their homes and minds? It’s happening all over. I’m a former television reporter … so my brain just goes there.   The kids here have everything – a big house, a clean sunny beautiful back drop of what is Colorado. Seemingly caring parents who give them the world. What is happening?!   Donahue shares his insights on what he has learned over the years from being a father of five, a youth pastor and going into schools around the U.S. talking to millions of teens.   Doesn’t matter where you live or where you come from … this episode will give you insight into your teens thoughts!   Would love to connect with you! Please share with your friends and subscribe.   Reach out by email – ofcoursetheymakemecrazy@gmail.com   Share your comments!     SHOW LESS          

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